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Trust all your home improvement needs to Statewide Remodeling, including replacement windows, vinyl siding, patio enclosures, attic insulation, replacement doors, kitchen & bathroom remodeling. Serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Irving, Southlake, Colleyville, Grapevine, Plano, Allen, Frisco, Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, & San Marcos, Texas. All of our vinyl replacement windows, siding and sunrooms are beautiful & energy efficient and all of our windows qualify for the Energy Tax Credit.

Statewide Remodeling is not just a window company. Our window experts are trained to examine your home and tell you what needs to be done to make it more energy efficient.

We carry special products that will compliment the energy-efficiency of our exclusive restoration windows.

We have researched all major window manufacturers and we can show you the difference - not just tell you our windows are better. We will show you why they are better.

Also, ask our window designers about solar-tuning your home. Most companies don't even know what it is, and it can save you hundreds of dollars on your new windows!

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Dallas Insulation Company: Helping Homes Become Energy Efficient

The US Department of Energy statistics show that heating or cooling appliances consume around 44% of your energy bill expenses. This problem is a result of significant heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. To save your home from energy loss, insulation is the best solution. A growing number of homeowners now put a lot of thought into energy conservation when building new homes. Many older homes lack or have insufficient insulation. If you want to earn some great savings on utility bills, place a call to your local Dallas Insulation Company. A Dallas Insulation Company can improve the insulation performance of any home, providing you with all the great benefits that come from an energy efficient home.

Dallas Insulation Company: Understanding How Heat Loss Affects Your Energy Bill

The natural movement of air occurs from warm to cool places. In winter, air flows from heated houses to spaces in your home where temperature is lower (e.g. attics and basements) and to outdoor spaces. In summer, air moves from warm outdoor spaces to cooled spaces in your home. Heat escapes from and moves into houses through chimneys, crawlspaces, attics, walls, floors and through small openings found in your windows and doors. In these cases, get a qualified Dallas Insulation Company to insulate your house. This helps you to keep out heat in summer and contain heat within your home in winter.

The majority of homeowners are not aware that excessive heat loss or gain affects the energy bill and comfort levels of their home. In winter, heat loss is replaced by your heating system. In summer, your air conditioning unit works harder to displace gained heat. Fluctuations in heat levels not only cause immense discomfort but also cause condensation. When this happens in your interior walls, mold and mildew growth is not far behind. Given the cost of mold remediation these days, this means another big expense to your budget. A skilled Dallas Insulation Company brings their training, knowledge and technology to help you reap the full benefits of insulation in your home.

Benefits of Having Your Home Properly Insulated by a Dallas Insulation Company Insulation limits air spaces and thus effectively resists flow of heat into and out of your home. A Dallas Insulation Company can help homeowners save as much as 50% to 70% on utility bills by having their home properly insulated. Skeptical as to how you can save this much? With more conditioned air retained inside the spaces of your home, demand on your heating and air conditioning units becomes less. Insulation also evens out temperature inside your home. It maintains your home’s comfort level by making it warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Not only that, insulation helps prevent mold and mildew due to condensation. Insulated homes have higher market values than non-insulated ones and so will fetch better price when resold. On a larger scale, insulation is good for the environment. Less use of heating and cooling systems means less use of non-renewable energy resources and lower greenhouse emissions. Making a call to a professional Insulation Company is the first step to making your home most energy efficient and eco-friendly.

A Dallas Insulation Company Offers Different Types of Insulation

There are several types of insulation materials and each has a different area of use. Blankets or batt rolls are made of fiberglass and are sold in large blankets pre-cut sizes suited to standard spaces of attics, ceilings or wall joists. However, there are many areas in your home where batts won't do. Blown-fiber insulation, for instance, is suited for filling between joists. Some avid DIY homeowners often attempt to install insulation themselves but even if do-it-yourself installation saves on professional fees, it is not necessarily the cost-effective option. Inefficient installation does little to improve your energy bill. Won’t you be more comfortable if the job is done correctly? A skilled Dallas Insulation Company will save you from the ineffective results of an unprofessional do-it-yourself job.

As the necessity for energy conservation grows, the emphasis for proper installation and use of highly effective types of insulation materials also increases. A Dallas Insulation Company offers many types of highly effective insulation materials, all to help optimize insulation performance of your home. Cellulose or fiberglass in loose form can be used to insulate wall cavities. This requires the use of a special blower. Foam insulation involves mixing and spraying of material into the area to be filled. For ceilings, the best material is vermiculite, made from perlite and mica ore. Rigid foam board insulations are panels generally used in foundations, roofs and interior walls.

Insulation Company: Understanding R-values

The R-value is used a measure the insulating quality of the different materials. Generally, however, the higher the R-value of a material, the better it is as an insulator. Homes vary in their requirement for minimum level of R-values. Homes in mild climates, for instance, generally require lower R-values than homes in cold climates. Materials with lower R-values are needed for walls than, for instance, ceilings found under attic spaces. An experienced Dallas Insulation Company will consider all the above elements while estimating the insulation needed for your property.

A Dallas Insulation Company: Helping New and Old Homes

Whether you look forward to building an insulating envelope in your new or existing home, a Dallas Insulation Company knows exactly what your home needs. They will make recommendations not only based on specific residential structure requirements but also based on your personal preferences and your budget. Insulating new homes, however, tend to be less expensive than insulating existing homes. Spaces during building construction are more readily accessible making the job easier. On the other hand, insulating established homes can be more difficult. Older homes also require inspection from an electrician to ensure that the wiring system in your house is in good condition. Regardless of challenges at hand, an experienced Dallas Insulation Company can get the job done properly and quickly.

With energy rates constantly rising, there’s no more opportune time to have your home insulated by a skilled Dallas insulation company than now. Installing insulation may seem expensive at a glance but when you consider the benefits of insulation to your home, your bank account and the environment, you will see that the prize offsets the price. A home equity loan will cover the cost if you qualify. You can use your savings from your monthly energy bills to pay off your loan. Families with low income can apply for assistance from the US Department of Energy. All you need to do to reduce energy bills, get a more comfortable home plus do your bit for environment, is to just pick up your phone and make a call. With an experienced Dallas Insulation Company you get all the benefit of a well-insulated home.

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Our new windows not only look better but have caused our air conditioner to have to work less during this hot weather. We appreciated the courteous and efficient workers who did the installation work. They installed all 17 windows the same day, which we appreciated very much. Statewide Remodeling did a good job for us.
Juanita G.
Approximately two years ago, we hired Statewide to install some window replacements and to also install vinyl siding in certain areas of our home. We were COMPLETELY satisfied with the results. Shortly thereafter, we had a problem with some of the vinyl siding being blown off the chimney area and when we called, the repairs were done IMMEDIATELY. Recently, because we were so satisfied, we chose to ask Statewide to install an additional 8 windows on our home. Once again, we were COMPLETELY satisfied. We had met Bob Simback from our previous window installs, and, once again, he and his aide, Bubba, performed to the best of our expectations. Our house and yard were completely clear of any debris and their workmanship and pride in what they were expected to do was certainly visible. During the inspection of these last 8 windows, the City of Plano had some questions regarding an arbitrary 24" clearance of windows to doors. At that time, I spoke with Mark (Service Manager) who assured me that all would be taken care of if the City of Plano did not approve the inspection. In the end, the City approved the inspection and all is well. Mark's commitment to "make it right" only reassured us that everything would be taken care of properly. Please know that we are VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMERS! We are willing to be one of your testimonials on your website if you want. Workmanship, customer service and commitment are what truly make you successful. We will continue to recommend Statewide to anyone we know!
Norma & Robert C.
Your staff completed the addition of a sun room to our home. When we initiated the order through Home Depot, we did not realize that we would be dealing with your firm. That turned out to be a pleasant surprise. From our first contact, Ray Collins, through office contacts, the able building teams led by Jason and Chad, Electrician Joe and Supervisor Billy Moss, we were impressed by some shared traits. Everyone treated us with courtesy, listened to our input, responded promptly to concerns and generally made the entire experience a pleasure. We were sorry to see them go. You've done a great job selecting and developing a staff that is customer-centric in all things. That alone would not have earned our approbation; however, they had to do the job right. From what we can see at this early date, they have. Everything looks great and works well. You have happy customers here.
Karen & Douglas R.